Tree Dismantling & Removals

If a tree could potentially cause damage to your grounds or the surrounding area, it may be necessary to have an expert investigate the issue and look to resolve it. When trees are decaying, diseased and dead, felling may be the right course of action as it will safely cut down the entire tree. We will ensure that the task is undertaken safely and skilfully. 

Different types of felling include:-

Sectional Dismantling

If a large tree needs to be felled within a small area, our team will expertly remove the tree section by section. This method of felling requires a precise and skilled approach. Using a combination of lowering ropes, cutting techniques and rigging systems, we ensure the tree is dismantled safely and in controlled sections, which guarantees that your property is unharmed in the felling of the tree.

Straight (Precision) Felling

Straight Felling is the removal of a tree as a single unit. Our team will use pulling ropes and felling wedges to ensure the trees comes down safely in one fell swoop. We ensure that there is a brash mat on the ground, which will prevent any damage being caused to the surface that it is falling onto.